Michael Glaser – WeedClim: Identifying Emerging Weeds

11th International Conference on Biological Invasions

The Human Role in Biological Invasions: a case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
15.-18. IX. 2020., Vodice, Croatia – Conference Home page

3 replies on “Michael Glaser – WeedClim: Identifying Emerging Weeds”

Nice informative poster, beautiful layout!
I was wondering why you will focus on 20 most detrimental species, whats the rationale behinde this number?
How do you identify them?

A review of literature suggests a number within this range. However you are correct that 20 is ultimately a choice.

Once we have a final dataset to analyse we will look at where the expected dropoff of occupancy/occurrence happens and then choose the number of species to model.

Thank you for the interest/comment.

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