Tomos Jones – Ornamental plants: our future invaders?

11th International Conference on Biological Invasions

The Human Role in Biological Invasions: a case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
15.-18. IX. 2020., Vodice, Croatia – Conference Home page

2 replies on “Tomos Jones – Ornamental plants: our future invaders?”

Interesting topic! From your interactions with gardeners and the RHS, how do you judge the motivation to reduce the planting of (potential future) invaders?

Thanks! There’s a lot of interest, and enthusiasm among gardeners. That’s for gardens as a source of invasive species and also steps that gardeners can take to reduce the risks (e.g. dead-heading before a plant goes to seed). Gardeners are also often suprised that some very popular ornamental plants are considerer invasive. So, there’s an issue communicating this but we can be optimistic because there’s a lot of interest! I collected visitor feedback at the Chelsea flower show which supports this.

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